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Monday, December 24, 2012

Miau Yi

conversation with Chen-Yi Lin by Rukii Naraya

We were in the studio, enjoying a latte and a short chat. Chen-Yi Lin was born in Taichung, Taiwan and also grew up there. Now, she work for a design company, as for work content, mostly graphic design and sometimes product design. At night, it’s her happy time to create freely.
“My husband and I and also with our cat live together in Chungli now. I like food, travel, movies, music, animals, and hate the smell of smoke!”

“So, Since when do you learn art, espessialy illustration? Why?” I ask her
“I like to draw since I was little.”
“Once I could hold a pen, I began to draw . I maintained the habit of painting when I was a student. So, when it came to the choice of which major to sign up, I chose commercial design.”
“I had majored in design all the way to my graduation of university.”

“what do you want to share in your works? i mean, mostly...”
“I like sharing my works on the net. On the Internet, I’ve received supports and encouragements from friends~ it makes me even more excited about creation!”
She smiled and i smell the green tea from her.

“I've seen your works, and im fallin love with them... and you always (mostly) draw the cats and little girl.. is there some story about it? i mean about the cats, and whos is the little girl? did you ever thing about drawing another animals, dog maybe?”

“The girl in the painting is me, because inside my heart, there is a little girl.” She smile,
“Sometimes the white cat also represents me. The yellow cat is my husband, and the gray cat is our cat daughter (American Shorthair), called mumu.”

“I also like dogs, small rabbits, sheep ... any kinds of small animals. I would also like to draw other animals, too. Except for cats, I had kept a dog before, but it passed away because of sickness.”
“ah, sorry”

“hmm, and who inspired you? Tell us who is he/she?”
“The motivation to create my first cat illustration was the card for my husband’s birthday.  Since then, these three cats have become the main roles in my creations.

“The inspiration always comes from the trivial things in daily lives, such as, small quarrel, short trip, bath, or even having noodles”

“ahh, I see”
“Now, what do you think of your own artwork?”
“My painting style seems not clear-cut enough and I still need to put efforts to reach the goal that make people recognize my work by merely one sight!“

“okay, what is your next project?”
“I will put more efforts to create and also participate in the Bologna illustration contest!”

“and your dream?”
“ahh, I want  to publish a book of my own illustrations and I also dream to be a well-known illustrator, still needs lots of efforts...”


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