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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Typo Campaign

Interview with Eugenia Clara F.

“Sometimes I wonder my art passion might be genetic; other relatives in my family-tree are painter, dancer, musician, artisan craft maker and sculpturer. So it is kinda... genetic. I learn art in autodidactic way, ever since I can remember thing.”
“How about Typography?”
“Well I used to be an amateur journalist and novel writer back in around 2003 - 2007, I even wrote for some major magazine back then (of course I'm using my alter ego for the writing part :p ) - that also the moment when I fell in love with typography.”
“In 2007 I learn graffiti in an actual wall and woods, experimented a little with type work.”
“In the early 2008 I moved from manual works into digital. That same year when I first made my typography piece on Corel Draw. Then I developed and keep creating. Until now.”
She was Born on Friday, September 6th in 1991. Eugenia Clara F, grew up in Duri since she was born until Aug 2009 and then she moved to Jakarta for campus' issue.

“Why Typo?”
“Because I like to decorate text. I always amaze by posters. The used of typography in the posters, ad, banner, or everything. Also, I like to make text more appealing; so it's more than just a text in display. It's type works.”

“As a designer, what the interesting experience that had occurred during intercourse with clients?”
“I have quite strange experiences. First; the 'client' that wanted me to copy exactly the same some logo of major brands for their company - they refused my idea. So I told them to find con-artist to do that instead.”
“Then there's a client that asked, "Hey can you draw me a realistic *animal* face that is so realistic they might think that is photograph?" - and I said *as focusing on type/typography* I can't and won't do that.”
“And then the 'sticky needy' client that asked for more than eleven revisions and then broke the deal just like that.”
“Really bad”
“But beside the hilarious experience, I also work well with others.”   

“Okay, so what the best design you'll ever make?”
“The best is yet to come.”

“What’s your next project?”
“I'm going to make a typography poster series that will have specified theme. Or just continue update my Typo Campaign series.”


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