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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jakarta 32˚C

Written by Natya Sekar Arum

The last September 22nd 2012 marked as the opening for the fifth installment of Jakarta 32˚C, a visual exhibition for Jakartan college students to showcase their talent. Held by ruangrupa, an artists initiative based in Tebet, Jakarta, and supported by Komplotan Jakarta 32˚C—the exhibition comprises into two sections: onefor the submitted works gathered from submission time, and the other is for works developed along the workshops that have been held for two weeks in the early August. Another room placed across the exhibition is used for the artist talk, workshop and discussionsthat run along the event.

The seven workshops varies from photography to architecture, concerning the realization that responding capital city matters is, actually, does not restricted in one discipline—rather, the interdisciplinary approach is what we need the most. Every workshops are led by renowned artists in their respective fields, including names like oomleo in Digital Art and Interactive, Irwan Ahmett in Public Art,also Anggun Priambodo in Music Video.

Despite the differences in media that each workshops used, “Vacancy” is appointed as the main theme for all works which participants made. The topic itself talked about employment in Jakarta—unmistakably, Jakarta is a razzle-dazzle city where most of Indonesian people is tempted to reside in, while we all know that living in the Big Durian is not as easy as dreaming of it.For example, some participants shows their interest in the high rates of crime in Jakarta—featuring poor jobs like thieves and burglars, but depicts them in a witty and humorous way. Looking at the wide collection of artworks from diverse media that have been offered by this exhibition, ‘refreshing’ is what these college students brought to their works. They let us see things based on their points of view about Jakarta—entertaining much for us to enjoy, without any attempt to patronize the viewers.

This time, entrants were acquired from 19 universities in Jakarta, ranging from art and design students to other majors like law—with the total of 51 students as workshop participants and 57 students as submission participants.

“All the artworks are good—they could create unexpected works that surprisingly beyond expectation,” said Asep Topan as the Workshop Coordinator. “In the process, I’ve seen some participants that showed great progressfrom the beginning to the making of the final artwork. Participants who remained along the workshop are the ones that matters the most—because they’re willing to learn anything from the basic. Contrary to this, some of the students that seems to have loads of experience are the ones that stopped in the middle of the event.”

He added, “In spite of the final artworks;for me, interaction—as well as discussions—between the speaker and the participants holds key to significant progress along the workshop.”

As a well-known exhibition for people to celebratesthe creative progress made by Jakartan college students, it is without question for Jakarta 32˚C to attracts art appreciators of all ages—proved from its opening night that could draw a tremendous amount of visitors.The biennale will be still going on to October 8th,and takes place at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, from 10.00 - 21.00 WIB.
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