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Monday, July 16, 2012

Anton Massoni and The Tree House

Written by Fadhly Muhammad

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He lived in Venice, Italy. He was 12 year old. One day, he went on the street. His first true love appears in front of him, a framed watercolor painting. 
That boy asked his parents to buy him that beautiful delicate object. Since that day, he realized that the world is so beautiful and full of colors.

That little boy is Anton Massoni, an art addict who runs an art gallery in his own bar, Tree House. The art gallery changes every month, a place where different local artist sell their works. A part of the profit goes to charity (XS recycling project). Art is something very valuable to him, not just for decorative purposes. It is a way to speak to wider audience. Colors and shapes could move a thousand hearts when someone puts them on canvas. Massoni has authentic connection with colors and shape, this is something called his own. Everytime he wakes up in the morning, he sees  these lovely, vibrant colors and shapes that make him alive. He would like to share this euphoria with everyone through his art gallery.

Jakarta has so many talented artists, and it's such a waste that they don't get enough attention by the society. That's what makes him finally opened an art gallery in Tree House. He wants to support the growth of local artists. "It's such a shame that government took Indonesia artists for granted."  He found the fact, private companies actually got the balls to take new risk. Nike collaborate with fresh new aritst and they make outrageous products that sell. Indonesia government should have learned from this. There should have been a lot of scholarships for these fresh new artists to expand their skills. A lot of local painters, photographers, illustrators in Jakarta are left with no support. They need money to explore new materials and touring for exhibition. 

photo: http://www.jakarta100bars.com

One of his favorite local artists is Eko Nugroho. He thinks his illustration style is uniquely inviting. 
"It's something that I haven't seen, very clean, eye-cathcy-cartoon-like characters."

Indonesia's art is remarkably beautiful. Massoni believed that great works come from surrounding. We are truly surrounded by heaven, the nature is epic. Let alone topics about political history, diversed races, and religion.
There are so many to talk about in our country. Massoni put high hope that one day local artists will find its grip to reflect the true identity of our beloved country, Indonesia.


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