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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mind – Eye : 15x15x15 Project #4

Article by Andrita Yuniza

Bandung, as people entered the Soemardja Gallery, fascinating visual things attracted their attention as if there was a magnetic field between them. No one knows about what every individual thought to those fascinating visual things but the individuals itself.  “There is no truth. There is only perception.” – Gustave Flaubert.

On Tuesday, July 17 2012 people who are mostly excited youth gathered, sat and chat in front of the Soemardja Gallery until the clock ticked to 7:20 pm. That night was the opening of a mini-art exhibition with title “MIND – EYE : 15x15x15 Project #4 “ which will be still going on from July 18 2012 to July 28 2012.

This mini-art was started at 2007 for the first time at Soemardja Gallery with the theme of the scale (size) in a work of art by 50 or less participants. At first, this exhibition was made by the art students to create a medium that holds students’ art aspiration. But now, it’s open to all creative individuals. In early 2000, the gigantic form of artwork was very popular, by the presence of this mini-art exhibition, it created something fresh. With this concept, artists can create an artwork without spending much money for a huge medium.

In every exhibition, the number kept increasing. Even the third one reached a number close to a hundred participants. At this fourth exhibition, the number is reduced to 68 participants who are artists from Bandung and surrounding cities, even some of them come from Jakarta. The considerable artworks that are displayed were chosen and selected. Not only young artists, but the old artists also contributed on the exhibition.  They are Adhisuryo, Aditya Lingga, Agia Chantika, Ahdiyat Nur Hartarta, Ahmad Nursalim, Andrew Rogers, Agung T Wijaya, Andira Maqdissa Gusti, Anita Yustisia, Anis Annisa Maryam, Anna Josefin, Antonio S. Sinaga, Aulia Ardista, Aurora Benita, Aviandari Lestari & Tomy Nelwan, Bonggal Hutagalung, Castella Natalia, Daniel Hasonangan Cornelis, Dessy Safira, Diaz Adisastomo, Erika Medinah, Ferdian Sahala Samosir, Francisca Retno, Ganjar Gumilar, Hilma, Hasnan, Geugeut Pangestu Sukandawinata, Gono Gini, Harun Suaidi Isnaini, Herald Renaldo, Indina Asri Andamari, Jodi Setiawan, Kartika Larasati, Kemala Montesa, Kireina Windiah, Kusbandono Sugiarto & Intan Prisanti, Lia Rosmiati, Maharani Mancanagara, Maradita, Meita Meilitia, Meliantha Muliawan, Michael Binuko a.k.a Koxis Verseken, Misha, Ahmad Azizia, Mirvak Prabowo, Muhammad Hasnan Habib, M. M. Hadi, M. Rega Rahman, M. Vilhamy, Nadia Anindita, Nendes Nintias, Nomas Kurnia, Putri Fidhini, Radhinal, Ratna Harwiyati, Reska Dwi Addry, R. Ardiansyah, Arief F., Rheza Reynaldo, Rio Fredericco, Sandy Pirouzi, Sandy P. Maulana, Satrio Yudho P, Sendi Adrianov, Siddharta Kandahdjaja, Stevanus Rionaldo, Tandya Rachmat, Teguh Agus Priyanto, Wahyu Wibawa Amikarsa, William Wahyu Waluyo and Zusfa Roihan.

“With the theme of perception, it lets people and the appreciators to catch the visual forms and process the visual forms with their own way of thinking and memory,” Said Riezky Putra, the curator of Mind – Eye : 15x15x15 project#4. Perception as the theme of the fourth exhibition, points out how important our perception and senses for human in general. It explains how people see a phenomenon and change it into an idea that can be transformed into a physical object or only as an abstract thought.

This time, the fourth exhibition brings up the essential uniqueness of the 15x15x15 project which is the minimalist size of artwork and perception as an adaption tool which is showed through the workmanship. Even though the concept of scale still exists, this exhibition emphasizes more towards the visual responsibility of the concept.  The techniques include conventional media such as drawing, painting, graphic, sculpting, ceramics and non-conventional media such as photography, video, installation and the mixing of all of above.

Perception causes the artwork to be seen differently. Kartika Larasati, one of the artists that contributed on this exhibition said, “I wanted to show another point of view to represents painting. In general, painting departs from two-dimensional forms and it is seen to be a conventional art. For this exhibition, I tried to show painting in three-dimensional form and also use shadow as color and part of the composition.” She also thinks that the concept of the exhibition is fun and can produce various kinds of artwork.

The appreciators seemed to enjoy the artworks which probably left an after-thought for them. One of the appreciators, Fanni Yudharisman, even said, ”It is really interesting that ideas and thoughts can be put in a small-sized medium which proves that size doesn’t matter to create a great artwork.”
Size can be small, but the idea is beyond the size itself.


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