"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth."

Saturday, October 29, 2011


By: Rukii Naraya

Valeria Cherchiwas born in a small Sardinian village where she grew up and lived till the age of 19. Then she moved to Rome to study Industrial Design. After her BA she spent some time in Edinburgh and she is currently based in London attending her MA in Fashion Photography."

“The memory of my childhood is for me unbelievably vital. It is an explosion of strong and pure feelings, smells, tastes, fear and nightmares, colors, curiosity, daydreams, the countryside, the smell of the mow, the incense in the church, the coolness of the floor... I am deeply grateful to my family for childhood they gave me.” She told me oneday…

Since when do you learn Photography?
I've always liked taking pictures as memories of my life but i've started looking at photography in a different way about four years ago.

What is your reason to do Photography?
I've started cause of the influence of my aunt, sister and a dear friend of mine. Also, I've always wanted to paint art but I am totally hopeless at, so i tried to turn my creativity into photography. 
Now I can say that photography is what I am, there is no reason, it is just the biggest part of my self.

What does it feel to make Photography?
It depends on the mood. We can always feel something, this is the important think to make you feeling alive. 

What do you want to share through your works?
my feelings, my dreams, my memories. 

Why you still choose film? 
I like the whole process. I like the confidence i must have in your skills, the waiting, the surprise, the editing, the colors, the grain... I am pretty regular in my habits, i don't like changing lot of different cameras but sometimes i feel the need to shoot digital as well :) 

Your biggest dream?
To be a successful fashion photographer, if not to fly with no fear or to be forever 23 years old!

Who inspired you?
Lovely people i meet in real life - people i meet in movies - musicians - well-known and emergent photographers... 

Now, what do you think of your own artwork? tell me about your works..
They made me the same question during the interview for my MA. I couldn't find an answer sorry :) I just need to grow up so much! 

What’s your next project?
To start my courses and make the most out of it! Lot of news are coming but let's see what is going to happen :)

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