"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth."

Saturday, October 29, 2011


an imaginative dialogue of Rukii Naraya and Andra Alodita.

illustrasion by Rukii Naraya
“Love is one of my reasons to stay alive and work”
“Because God creates human with love, my parent raised me with love, as well as work, what I see, produce, or tell to anyone with my photos, it’s based on love”
This fragment came up from her lips, coincide with the sunshine that got away from the embrace of afternoon cloud.

“Aside from love, the reason I keep working on photography is because I wanted to get closer with God.”
“With sharing the stories I’ve seen, places I’ve ever been there, people who I loved, various inspiration and life experience through my photos all this time to my other friends, I, unknowingly, already appreciate and be grateful for what God gives to me”
“Just like Van Gogh said, ‘The best way to serve God is to love many things

We were on the top level of a building in the middle of frenzied city.
Andra Alodita sat on her chair, watching the vehicles honking to each other, a city melody.
“I’m happy here”
“Feel the wind, see the clouds, sky, even stars and moon at night. I like to be in quiet place. Sometimes, city clutter made my head got ache, being in quiet place could bring back the good time and made me calm”
She was born in this city, her mother was Chinese, and her indigenous father was move to this city when he was high school.

“I have a love and hate relationship with this city”
“But, however, flood, traffic, pollution, I still love Jakarta”
“Jakarta is a home for me. Jakarta sucks but ngangenin. I don’t know how to describe it. But for sure, I don’t want to leave my parent, because they live in Jakarta”
Wind played her hair that hanged between her ears.

I learn a lot from internet, magazine, travelling, watching movie. That’s some hobbies I did continuously, unconsciously, that’s my passion for last eight years, until in 2009, I decided to work as freelance photographer in Jakarta.

“Since when you get into photographer?” I woke up her reverie
“When I was a child, I was a child who got curious with a lot of things, always looking for activities that I love. Drawing, painting, and dancing”
“I’m not the love-school type, until finally I went to university, took the major that I like which was related with art, DKV”
“During college I have hobby or activity on weekend, photography”
“The first time I start photography was because I looking for a media to express my feeling. And finally I found it in visual, yeah, photography”
“I could channel the mind, idea, and my story to people”

“Around 2003, I was joining a community in DeviantArt.com, there I saw an Indonesian photographer who lives in London named Andre Harry. I wonder, why he could develop a photo with story, never get bored. Then I ask my mom to teach me how to operate her old camera, since then I played with camera.”

“What do you want till now?”
“Stories from my story, all of them was something I ever saw from heart, I can’t judge my own works, let the people judge it,”
“I work for myself at first, but if my works has a good influence to other people, it’s a compliment for me.”

I ‘know her’ just like I know my other friends, virtual. Gone along from blog to other blog, found a figure to get inspired.
And, yeah, I saw a blog named Alodita. I was impressed with her angle that she took. I don’t know, perhaps it is too much, but I feel kind of an intimacy that I got for every object she took. Maybe, that’s what she called something which passed her heart.
I remember what Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It's a way of life.”

“Who’s inspired you for your works?”
“Not only people, everything could inspired me for my works”
“Some of the photographers are Davy Linggar, Nicoline Patricia Malina, Camilla Akrans, Catherin Servel, Annie Leibovitz, and others”
“But if I could say one name that really inspired me lately is someone who really special for me, my boyfriend”
“He is an inspirational figure, smart, multi-talented, and very sensitive. He’s someone that I could count on. When I felt undecided, the one that I could get to find spiritual thing to fulfill my spiritual needs, the one that I could share my happiness with”

She started to play her camera, find an angle from a cup on a table.
“Chamomile tea is always my favourite”
“I ever read about a reset, that chamomile could help you to calm down your mind,”
“I like every kind of tea, fruit tea, flower tea, package tea, village tea, Chinese tea, Japanese tea, but my favorite is Chamomile tea,”
“And poci tea”
“Oh, poci,” I surprised she mention that name.
“In Jogja, every afternoon I always drank it, while talking with friends,”
“so warm”

I leaving the seat, took my old camera from my bag, then walk around from corner to corner at this rooftop. Took some line from big buildings around.

“What’s interesting from your life?”
She smiled.
“One of the happiest thing ever, could see my own works on billboard at a mall in Jakarta. The strangest thing, fight with preman in Cikampek” she laughed. A laugh that showed her white rows of teeth that stays in her bubblegum lips. Beautiful.
I laughed when I imagined that fight.
“There’s a lot of incidents, the fun one and the sad one, but if I remember those memories, everything become so funny,”
“What do you feel when you work with Biyan? I saw your works with him,”
“That’s my most memorable works ever,”
“His last year fashion show backstage photo,”
“Since the photos revolve in a franchise magazine, I got a lot of chance to work more on fashion magazine in Jakarta.
“Actually, I never knew Biyan. I only met him few times, in fashion shows”
“So far, I saw Biyan as an inspirational figure. His works were so characteristic, flawless, I even can’t describe his works cause I really in love with it,”

“In your opinion, what’s the most important thing when you work?”
“Mood,” said her.
“We really have to make a comfy atmosphere, so everything and everybody that involved also feel the comfy,”
“Every shoot, I just want to tell a story, the situation and the feel”
“What I felt when I was there or when I met someone. Everything could seen in my photos. If you could say someone is beautiful in my works, that because I felt she’s beautiful”
“Rise the mood is tricky. But one thing, the more we think or forcing, the more it get uneasy,”
“I don’t want to get too much thinking when I worked. Only feeling I used,”

Suddenly her cell phone ringed, she answered the phone while walking to one of the corner. I smell her perfume. Daisy, Marc Jacob. Makes her so feminine, she said.
I saw the afternoon sky. Blue, white, orange, I close my eyes, let my body saw what I feel.
The smell of the sea masked with the wind gust that slowly bring the afternoon down, I miss the shore.

Day become night, she must left.
There’s some matter she have to do. I have to go home, back to my town.

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