"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth."

Saturday, October 29, 2011


An another imaginary conversation between Rukii Naraya and Inez Tiara.

She was scratching a pencil on a piece of paper lie on some pieces which she row in certain human characters.

“I called it Parable” she illustrate when I asked what was that.
“This taken from one story in bible about five wise virgins and five foolish virgins. But this one, I make it from the five wise virgins’ point of view (the parable of five wise virgins) where they faithfully await for their King to come.”

Inez Theresa Tiara, is her complete name which she thought a little bit too long to remember, and then she shortened it as Inez Tiara. I called her Tiara.

She lives in capital city with a quite please and full of imagination childhood.

She told me when she was six; her mom was enrolling her join a drawing course near their house. That might be the first time for her acquainted with art, and she really liked.

In 2006 she took a college in Nanyang Academy Fine Arts, Singapore, majoring in Graphic Design for 3 years, and then she continued to RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Now, she working as freelance illustrator and help out his father business.

“You majoring on graphic design, but what you’ve done were fine art.”
“I was thinking how if I combine graphic design and fine art together?” a simple answer from her.
“So, what would you choose a designer or an artist?”
“Artist! Because I can do whatever I want.”

She just finished the “Parable” and a smile off from her tiny lips.
“Tea, perhaps?”
She had gone to the kitchen and back with two cups of warm tea and a plate of biscuit. We sat on her terrace.
An afternoon, cup of tea, and a dialogue. lovely.

 “Why you do art, Tiara?”
She thought for a moment.
“I don’t know, it just came in my life, and I can't live without art.”
“How it feels?”
“When I made all my artworks, they are everything that comes from my heart. What comes to my heart, that's my art.”
“I want to share whatever comes in my heart to people through my drawings”

I lit a cigarette; a breadman went by with his horn sound. She sipped her tea slow. I remembered my childhood was. The afternoon air, quite pleasant, the humble sun start to greet us with a softened light. I smell memories.

“Why paper?”
“Almost of my artworks are using papers. I do collage paper on paper. I love to collect papers from every places. Especially the old ones! I usually pick those papers by the color and material. And sometimes I mixed them with acrylic paint. And the basic drawing i just used pencils with different tones.”
“Paper is such an interesting thing. Because I can create anything from paper!”

“Artist who inspires you?”
“Frida Khalo, she such a big big inspiration for me. Moreover there’s Yoshito Nara from Japan, Carrie Chau from Hongkong. They are very brilliant!”

“According to yourself, how’s your work?”
“My own artwork. Hm! I love it :-) When I feel happier, when people see my arts, they can feel happy too and enjoy the artworks when they look at them.”
“The greatest artwork that you ever made?”
“Best artwork is the lady with a cape smoked heavily. Because it says how miserable i was”
“How about Alpine, what was it tell about?”
“Alpine was inspired from an indie band song lyric which tells about people who looking for something new in their life”

The afternoon was already pulled over, and birds slowly back to the dusk.
“What if you did no art anymore?”
“I will die and very disappointed at myself if I can't draw anymore.”

“What’s your dream?”
“I wanna have my own gallery with a clement coffee spot inside”
“Hmmm, I think I’m going to stay longer in your gallery then,”
“hahaha, that’s fine, perhaps we could exchanging ideas or collaborate someday”
“Hmmm, nice bid then”

She smiled with the afternoon began to redden. Sun pull its blanket today. Tea in a cup already gone yet biscuit still left and housework tonight.


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