"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth."

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Advan Matthew Satriopandu. Born in Surabaya, September, 13th 1988.  He grew up in between Surabaya-North America-Jakarta-Australia. Now he work and live in Jakarta

Since when do you learn art?
I'm a pure artist, I keep moving from one medium to others. Started with classical piano at the age of 8, pop/rock after as both pianist and vocalist, writing and still life painting, and now photography.

What is your reason to do art?
I have never found myself in any other dimension beside art and music. I'm being very specific but I have been dwelling in it though my mediums keep rollin.

What does it feel to make art?
It's like being honest, sincere, and crystal clear in projecting who I really am into the object I'm working at.

What do you want to share through your works?
My works have been changing a lot but one thing remains, style. I'm always into the golden seconds, the power of women, the multi-various factor of victory and strength. I love something that is well documented. 

What are your preferable mediums? Why ?
Light. To be able to orchestrate light means the capability to control the whole imaging story.
Women. I think women have always been my favorite subject. My kind of 'women' is strong, solo fighter, and gender ruler.

Who inspired you? Tell us who is he/she?
Tori Amos. Feminist singer/songwriter/pianist. Her theories of women, how it's varied from religion's icon, weather, multiple personalities, wild dreams, etc.

Now, what do you think of your own artwork?
I always see myself in my artworks. I'm never satisfied with my works as I always keep striving for more and more. Sometimes It's my artworks who convince me to keep going when on low days.

What’s your next project?
More projects and possibly big move overseas. Planning an exhibition that reveals the most honest part of me.


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