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Monday, January 2, 2012

César Mansilla Sialer: I Shoot Sexy!

Article by Fadhly Muhammad

César Mansilla Sialer is a photographer who was born in Lima, Perú. The way he sees photography and nudity draws my attention. I had a little chat with him through the net, talking about his passion in photography and sex. As a child he learned different kind of arts. When Sialer went into college, he realized that photography is his passion. He made a decision to move into Buenos Aires and tried his luck.

When Sialer takes a picture, he aims for intimacy with the models.
"We get to talk and know a little bit about each other, and they get more relax with me as I shoot."Through his lenses, Sialer wants to find different perspective of situations. He wants to explore and show genuine beauty that the models may not even see in themselves, "And bring it all into a crazy good picture," Sialer added. This curiosity leads him to spontaneous, fun, sexy and real pictures that show 'the heat'. In the process, he wants to ejaculate raw energy that makes intense and unusual outcomes. 

Mario Testino and David Lachapelle are two photographers that inspire him to shoot artistic nude pictures. He admires the way they use the lights, colors and turn something simple into incredible and memorable pieace. Sialer has strong obsession on nudity. "A body has shapes, textures, colors, and I love getting close on them, I want viewers to imagine those textures, like they actually feel the moment." We can't talk about nudity without talking about sex, so I asked, how do you see sex and the aesthetic of it? He said, "Sex is fun and necessary, when you have a really good sex you can feel it afterwards and that sensation is one of my favorites. You get the connection with the other person in such a strong way that it's just explosive, breathe-taking and very sweaty." 

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