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Monday, October 24, 2011


Interview by Zilla Christy

Here he is. His name's Robi Dwi Antono. He was born in Ambarawa, October 31st 1990. But, now he lives in Jogja. "Because of my work and I want to explore the fine art in this city.", his reason. He is a designer annual book and freelance in Selfish. He has passion in design and drawing. But, he does love drawing.

What are the working hours of a designer annual book?
Start in the morning until in the afternoon. But, If I have a deadline, maybe until sunrise.

That’s pretty unusual.
Of course, but I enjoyed that.

How to keep your creativity works?
Actually I do love drawing. Mainly hand drawing. I consider draw is my daily requirement. I feel, I want always to drawing. So, for my draw, I must to control my mood. Then if I was tired, I shall refresh my brain. It because to get fresh idea. So I usually browsing, watch a movie, play game until go out from my office.

What is your works talk about or inspired from?
R: My draw is talk and inspired by people in around me or new people who have relation with me. Oh ya from the past story too. Especially my childhood. I want to back on my childhood. All of that still remain and record it. When I was kid, it means nothing limit to have a dream.  Then, my inspired by unknown illustrator who make a good art or random illustrator. I find them, when I browse. It's really cool to be a browser.

What do you want to do in next action?I mean your future plan
I want to have an individual studio for create my artwork. Then I want to be my favourite illustrator like Diela Maharani, Designani, Gabriel Moreno, Kate Wilson, and Zhou Fan.

Do you have any message?
Keep working to create an artistic thing

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