"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth."

Monday, October 24, 2011


Written by: Mega Saffira

The story begins in the 70s era in London, United Kingdom. At one of the side of the city, there lived a man, an average-looking man with his brown wavy hair, blue eyes and 170 centimeters tall named Desmond Jones. He was the son of a police officer named David Jones and a pop star named Elianna Jones, but Elianna died when Desmond was only 7 years old, and now the young man is 21 years old.

Since David was getting older and older and so was his son, he really wanted to have a grandchild.

‘Desmond, find a wife and give me a boy!’ David always said that each time Desmond is going to go to work. Desmond always reply with a yes, and yes—he is searching, but the destiny still wouldn’t look at him yet. He did have a girlfriend from his childhood named Sara, but when Desmond proposed her to marry him, Sara denied and told Desmond the truth that she had cheated with another man and she loved that man more than she loved Desmond. At that time, Desmond’s heart was broken very bad. ‘I wish I could have a beautiful wife with a beautiful voice, just like my mother…’ Desmond wondered one day.

Every morning Desmond goes to work in the market place, he had one barrow there. He sold things such as groceries, household appliances and some toys. Most of his customers are old women and little girls. To find the girl of his dream at the market place is really an unreachable dream!

‘Sorry Sir, may I have this Lolita doll for free?’ An orphan girl came to his barrow and beg him for a doll. Desmond felt annoyed by her appearance. Doesn’t the little girl know that Desmond was not one of the rich guys that can easily giveaway 150 pounds dolls to an orphan? Desmond was trying to shoo her until a voice was being heard, ‘Excuse me, Sir?’

Desmond looked and found a very beautiful woman with her golden hair, peachy lips and brown eyes standing right behind the little girl. ‘I will buy the doll for her. Don’t hurt her by shooing, Sir.’ Continued the woman. Her voice sounded like a little child. ‘Her beautiful face and her doomed voice,’ thought Desmond.
‘I wasn’t going to shoo,’ replied Desmond, ‘I just wanted to say sorry, nicely—and give her a candy.’ So Desmond took a lollipop from the bar and gave it to the little girl. The beautiful woman smiled and gave Desmond some money while the little girl was taking the doll and hug it in her tiny arms.

‘Thank you, Ma’am…’ said the girl as she went away and left Desmond alone with the woman.
Desmond still feels paralyzed since the first time he saw the woman. Some people call it love at the first sight, and Desmond started to believe in that phrase.

‘Girl, I like your face.’ said Desmond, ‘My name is Desmond.’
The woman giggled. ‘I’m Molly, have you heard me sing?’
‘Uh—what?’ Desmond couldn’t understand what Molly means by saying that.
O-bla-di O-bla-da, life goes on.. bra! La la how the life goes on..’ sang Molly as she took Desmond by the hand.

Desmond sure felt familiar with the song, it’s a popular song—and the voice of Molly sure sounded like the real singer of the song. It had no difference at all. Molly’s singing voice is much more beautiful than how she talked.

‘Are you the singer from the band..?’ asked Desmond, curiously.

Molly nodded as she smiled and say goodbye.
The days after, Desmond couldn’t stop thinking about Molly. He felt so stupid by not recognizing her at their first meeting, while the posters of her band and her face were all over the city. In short, Molly was a very famous singer. And Desmond didn’t have any television at his house, he only had a radio—so he just knew the song, not the singer’s face.

Desmond was very surprised finding Molly came again on the following day to buy some fruits. They talked more, and Molly appeared again on the next day, the day after, and a little love was growing between Desmond and Molly, though slowly, but surely. Day by day they learned about each other, and finally the air was filled with love!

‘Molly, I know it sounds silly and really hasty, but… will you marry me?’

Molly laughed hearing that from Desmond. Then she told Desmond that proposing is not as simple as that, not in front of a market place, and a man has to give something as a proposal gift to his woman.

‘You’re… my woman?’ Desmond was happy when Molly mention the word “your woman”.
‘Yes,’ replied Molly as the tingles gotten onto her face.

So Desmond went away after telling Molly to wait at her house. As soon as he found the closest jewelry store, he brought a trolley there. With the help of the shop assistant, Desmond finally chose a 20 carat golden ring and purchased it.

‘Are you going to propose a woman?’ asked the shop assistant.
‘Yeah, why?’ replied Desmond.
‘Nothing, But I’ve got a feeling you will get a yes.’

By the support of the shop assistant, Desmond left the store with an optimistic smile.
Molly was waiting at her door when Desmond came and took the golden ring back to her. Then Desmond proposed her again to marry him, and after singing a little part of her song, Molly said yes. Desmond had never been this happy before. And they married 2 weeks later with a small celebration held at Molly’s house garden with pretty much guests.

In a couple of years, they had built a home beside David Jones’ house so the grandfather could visit his grandchildren anytime. With a couple of kids running in the yard, it looked like a dream come true for David, Desmond and Molly Jones. But after 2 years without singing, Molly missed her job. She missed the band, she missed the gigs. So she asked Desmond if she could sing again. But Desmond wouldn’t let her do it. He thought that if Molly sings again, she will have no time for the kids and Desmond couldn’t take care of them by himself at the same time because he had to work at the market place also. Molly tried to understand it though she felt upset.

About 4 years later, day by day Molly looked worse and worse. Although her beautiful wife won’t say a thing Desmond was sure that it is because Molly still missed her job years ago. So on a Sunday Desmond talked to Molly and told her that she can sing again if she wanted to. Molly was very terrified.
‘I’ll let the kids lend me a hand at the market place, that’s when I’m watching at them. They’re big enough to help me, Dear.’ Answered Desmond when Molly asked him about the kids. Then she thanked Desmond, hugged and kissed him. ‘I really love you, my Desmond!’

Started on the following day, Desmond let the children lend a hand for him in the market place when Molly stayed at home and done her pretty face. And in the evening she still sing it with the band, ‘O-bla-di, O-bla-da, life goes on… bra! La la how the life foes on..

And since then Desmond and Molly with their family lived happily ever after.

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